TOS: the database of Policies and 'Terms Of Services' for Software and Websites.

Heroku Elements Marketplace 2020-10-01
Substack - Publisher Agreement 2020-07-09
Wallet Agreement | SpectroCoin 2017-09-15
Kibo. Terms of use and Privacy Policy 2016-04-12
Individuals Contributor License Agreement 2016-03-29
iScroll Contributor License Agreement 2016-03-29
WPEngine - SLA 2014-04-23
Onecle - Privacy 2014-02-24
BuzzFeed User Agreement 2013-12-10
Ebay - Accordo per gli utenti 2013-12-04
Coin - mobile eula 2013-11-15
Englishclass101 2012-12-29
Scam 2012-05-23
innovators-patent-agreement 2012-04-20
Rocketlawyer 2011-02-07
Registered iPhone Developer Agreement 2010-02-04
Kindle (U.S. & International Wireless) License Agreement and Terms of Use 2009-10-09
iPhone Developer Agreement 2009-04-21
MDM Zinc™ 3.0 – End User License Agreement (EULA) 2009-03-10

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