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Fonte: spataro - 2009-03-06
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Abstract: Our Mission Fonte: spataro

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We want to collect the terms of services and conditions (legal agreements) related to computer and networks.

This is our simple mission.

There's a problem (one only ?): just few of these agreements can be freely copied.

The "default" is monopoly, the monopoly of copyright.

There's an exception: fair use. In this case, a search engine. And also the purpouse of study, for example.

But I don't want to have unuseful problems, where it isn't necessary: so, if you want to let our readers read your tos, and compare with the others, you will have to authorize me, and the conditions will be readable here. 

In every case the conditions will be linked at the source. Directly, if I have no authorization,  from the search engine.

However my goal is to classify them to let readers know something more on the agreements they subscribe. It is not a legal consultant service, it is a documents management system.

This is just for the beginning.

Thanks to all of you, I'm ready to cooperate with all readers.


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