Finally, 390 terms of services indexed in our search engine

Fonte: Spataro - 2010-11-18
Materia: Vision

Abstract: More than an year, 18 months Fonte: Spataro

So, here we are. 390 terms of services indexed.

We started this wiork in march 2009. 18 months, 390 terms of services.

Is it useful ?

For me is it really useful. I can keep track of my licenses, find when I need, keep track of the software i've tested and forgot.

At this moment I have no other vision about this search engine.

Every term of service is tagged and linked. It does what it has to do.

There are so many improvements around a such a simple idea. But must come from readers. I'll read you and I'm open to update the software behind.

Have a good work,




Rubrica: Vision

2010-11-18 Chi: Spataro - Fonte: Spataro
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