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Fonte: Spataro - 2015-01-24
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When I started legalgeek.it/bd (bd is db in italian) I can't imagine that people could follow this database.

After all these years I receive reports about the use of this website. More and more people use it to find services by types, because every service is tagged.

Today 1905 terms of services indexed. For me a great opportunity to analyse by my bots all these documents. A huge research.

Sometimes I read about new repository of legal documents. They are all in niches. This is the only one covering every text on the web people want to add here, as I do manually.

Yes: this is the gap. I do it myself, manually, even with a fast tool.

Could be LegalGeek becomes a service with more value ? Perhaps.

If you are interested in, write me at IusOnDemand srl


dott. Valentino Spataro


Link: http://www.iusondemand.com/mail

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2015-01-24 Chi: Spataro - Fonte: Spataro
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