Blockchain and bugs solved - 2419

Fonte: Spataro - 2021-02-17
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Abstract: Tens of legal documents from the blockchain world. Fonte: Spataro

So much silent in all these years, but many documents added. 2419 until today !

Now tens on terms of service in the blockchain area. 

My internal analisyses help me in visualization and mining the documents to extract fundamentalments, concepts.

After all these years Legalgeek is stille a great tool to catalogue terms of services, and extract list of documents by keywords.

In the blockchain area we can find immediatly italian, austrian, uk policies, for example.

The state of the art in blockchain world focuses on the same issues, but not all operators take care of them.

Seems strange, but the open source world is missing the opportunity to explain legals aspects of wallets.

Something to dig in.

ps: bug solved on managing the database and the news, and linking to the original documents


Rubrica: Blockchain

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